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Welcome to the Trac server for subversion projects

Subversion information

User Info

The web page of your project is

Command to list the contents of the project

% svn list

Command to check out the trunk from a project

% svn co  my_working_copy_of_trunk

Testing Wiki may be used for testing.

Useful Features

Some Useful Features and plugins are described here.

Project Administrator Info

Add User

  1. add user to password file
    • log in as administrator
    • select the "Admin" tab
    • Left menu bar: select Accounts->Users
    • fill in form data
  2. add user to permission database
    • select General->Permissions
    • Add Subject to Group: Insert new user into Subject field, insert any name (doesn't have to exist) into Group field
  3. subversion accress
    • select Subversion->Subversion Access
    • click on Subversion Paths

Trac Documentation

For further questions contact A.Visser@….