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Welcome to the Trac server for Subversion projects



New SVN projects use LDAP for authentication. Existing projects can be moved automatically, please contact A.Visser@… (Tel. 5048) for further information.

Register for a JSC-LDAP Account
Change password for JSC-LDAP

Subversion Info

Subversion information can be found here.

Git Info

Git projects can also use GitLab? (

Git information can be found here (in development).

Email Notification for Subversion and Git

To get an email if something in the repository is changed, select Preferences -> Post-Commit Notification ( Inside the text area, you may add the whole tree or subtrees.


/            send email, if anything in the repository has changed
/project     send email, if anything in /project or below has changed (recursively)
branches/$   send email, if the changed path ends with branches/, this means that a 
             new branch has been created

If the description text is empty, no mail is sent.

Trac Project Administrator Info

Add User

  1. add user to password file
    • log in as administrator
    • select the "Admin" tab
    • Left menu bar: select Accounts->Users
    • fill in form data
  2. add user to permission database
    • select General->Permissions
    • Add Subject to Group: Insert new user into Subject field, insert any name (doesn't have to exist) into Group field
  3. set/restrict subversion permissions

Set fine grained Wiki Permissions

  • log in as administrator
  • select the "Admin" tab
  • select Accounts->Page Permissions

Example: Allow anonymous read access to wiki for all pages but pages starting with Priv. The second entry for anonymous sets the default behaviour for the other pages.

authenticated = WIKI_VIEW, !WIKI_MODIFY
* = ""

anonymous = WIKI_VIEW


Testing may be used for testing.

For further questions contact A.Visser@….