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"VisIt was originally developed by the Department of Energy (DOE) Advanced Simulation and Computing Initiative (ASCI) to visualize and analyze the results of terascale simulations. It was designed with a high degree of modularity to support rapid deployment of new visualization technology. This includes a plugin architecture for custom readers, data operators and plots as well as the ability to support multiple different user interfaces.

Following a prototyping effort in the summer of 2000, an initial version of VisIt was developed and released in the fall of 2002. Since then, over 100 database readers, 60 operators and 20 plots have been added to the open source code. In addition, commercial, government and academic organizations in the US, Europe and elsewhere have developed and maintained proprietary plugins and user interfaces for their own needs.

Although the primary driving force behind the original development of VisIt was for visualizing ASCI terascale data, VisIt has also proven to be well suited for visualizing smaller scale data from simulations on desktop systems. Because of its applicability beyond visualizing terascale data, we are making VisIt freely available as a BSD licensed open source product." link

How-To use VisIt on JURECA

VisIt can be used on the visualization nodes as well as the compute nodes of JURECA in different scenarios, e.g. with the help of a VNC infrastructure or without.
Information on how to set up and use these scenarios can be found here.

In-Situ Visulalization with VisIt

"VisIt provides a library for in-situ visualization and analysis that is called libsim.
Libsim lets you instrument your simulation code so VisIt can connect to it and access its data directly as though the simulation was a VisIt compute engine." link

For the clusters at JSC VisIt has been is prebuild for you. Load the module with

module load visit


1. Read some basic introductions for VisIt/libsim
2. Instrument your code with VisIt/libsim

3. Compile/link your code with VisIt/libsim for …
4. Run simulation and connect with VisIt/libsim on …


=> ... libsim functions
=> ... known issues

=> ... record a movie

Build VisIt


You can find prebuild versions for other systems here.
For the clusters at JSC VisIt has been is prebuild for you. Load the module with

module load visit

DIY Build

=> ... for general x86
=> ... for JURECA
=> ... for JUQUEEN

VisIt Homepage:
VisIt Wiki:
VisIt Gallery:

Libsim Status:

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