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This library is developed for connecting a master LDAP server of the Human Brain Project with the accounting data managed by the Juelich Supercomputing Centre (JSC). It is deployed as part of the HPC platform and propagates account applications made through the Unified Portal into the JSC accounting system.

User data is filled into the master LDAP server, queried with this library and finally integrated into JSC accounting data. The library is intended as one way synchronization. I.e. the master LDAP server contains the actual data, which needs to be applied to the JSC data bases. New user accounts from the LDAP server, new groups, projects or any modifications of them are added or accordingly modified within JSC databases.

The library is especially designed for local use within the HPC infrastructure of the JSC. It is installed on a dedicated server at JSC and its functionality will be transparent for HPC platform users as it is part of the HPC infrastructure layer.


  • Software -- Documentation of the hbpaccounting library
  • HBPHPCLDAP -- Server documentation for the HBP HPC LDAP server, services, getting access

Internal Documentation

This documentation is only accessible after authentication.

  • HBPAccounting -- Collect material and possible scripts for the implementation of HBP access to JSC's HPC resources, see HBPAccounting


In this section you can find a list of published versions of this software:

r1062015/04/20hbpaccounting_r106.tar.gz First release for internal release of HPC platform
r2202016/07/15hbpaccounting_r220.tar.gz Release 2, includes REST API for LDAP
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