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Welcome to the Trac server for Subversion and Git projects

Subversion Info

Subversion information can be found here.

Git Info

Git information can be found here (in development).

Email Notification for Subversion and Git

To get an email if something in the repository is changed, select Preferences -> Post-Commit Notification ( Inside the text area, you may add the whole tree or subtrees.


/            send email, if anything in the repository has changed
/project     send email, if anything in /project or below has changed (recursively)
branches/$   send email, if the changed path ends with branches/, this means that a 
             new branch has been created

If the description text is empty, no mail is sent.

Trac Project Administrator Info

Add User

  1. add user to password file
    • log in as administrator
    • select the "Admin" tab
    • Left menu bar: select Accounts->Users
    • fill in form data
  2. add user to permission database
    • select General->Permissions
    • Add Subject to Group: Insert new user into Subject field, insert any name (doesn't have to exist) into Group field
  3. subversion access

The default preferences allow every user to view the sources in the web browser, if not explicitly disabled. It may be disabled in "Subversion Paths", by adding "*" with no read permissions to main tree "/".

Set fine grained Wiki Permissions

  • log in as administrator
  • select the "Admin" tab
  • select Accounts->Page Permissions

Disable anonymous access to wiki (default for new projects):

anonymous = ""

Example: Allow anonymous read access to wiki for all pages but pages starting with Priv. The second entry for anonymous sets the default behaviour for the other pages.

authenticated = WIKI_VIEW, !WIKI_MODIFY
* = ""

anonymous = WIKI_VIEW


Testing may be used for testing.

For further questions contact A.Visser@….