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Subversion Information


Using Subversion

Command to check out the trunk from a project

% svn co  my_working_copy_of_trunk

For further information see the following example of a tyical subversion session.

Email Notification (deprecated)

To get an email, if something in the repository is changed, a property email has to be set. The users may add themselves by editing the property email of the corresponding project. The property can be set for the whole repository or just for subtrees.


svn propedit email
svn propedit email
svn commit -m "added new email address"

If the description text ist empty, no mail is sent.

Ignoring Unversioned Files

The svn:ignore property contains a list of file patterns which e.g. svn commit will ignore. Example: Ignore all LaTeX log files.

% svn status
M      report.tex
?      report.log

svn propedit svn:ignore .

Contents of the ignore property:


The log files aren's displayed furthermore.

% svn status
M      report.tex